A bad putt!
U G A C   S c o r i n g   S y s t e m
Scoring at all UGAC tournaments utilizes a modified Stableford scoring system. Stableford permits a fairer opportunity for competition among individual golfers. Players attain points based on individual net handicap scores from individual stroke play. The more points collected, the better the score. All play will conform to the rules of golf, all putts must be holed out, no exceptions. Details on the scoring system are available below.
Stableford Scoring System and UGAC Competition Format
  1. The tournaments are individual player competition, stroke play format. Play your own ball.

  2. Strict adherence to the rules of golf. No preferred or improved lies, no foot wedges, no mulligans, all putts must be holed out, no exceptions.

    Men play WHITE tees and women play RED tees (unless otherwise directed by the tournament committee).

  3. Tournament winners will be in 2 categories:
    : Most Stableford points total, with handicap applied, Net Score,
    : Most Stableford points total, based on Gross Score.

    Other peripheral prizes may be awarded for closest to the hole, longest drive; to be determined on an individual tournament basis.

  4. Scoring is Stableford format where points are allocated toward net hole scores (for Net Score). Based on individual players' assigned handicaps, the gross hole scores are adjusted to provide net hole scores. Points are then allocated as follow:

    : net double bogie, or worse:            0 points
    : net bogie: (1 over par)                    1 point
    : net par:                                            2 points
    : net birdie: (1 under par)                   3 points
    : net eagle: (2 under par)                   4 points
    : net double eagle: (3 under par)       5 points, etc.

    Players submit their scorecards with the gross scores noted at the upper left of each hole score box, and those players who are able to calculate their Stableford points based on their net score do so at the lower right of the score box. A total of 36 points is optimal, (though not all that common).

    All score cards must be verified and signed by the entire foursome.

  5. The Gross Score winner is determined in a similar manner to Net Score, but assumes all competitors are scored as if they played off Scratch (ie: "zero" handicap). All points are allocated as above, but no handicap is applied. This score would normally be a fair indicator of who is the best golfer in the field.

  6. Under the Stableford scoring format, it is pointless to continue on a hole where the player cannot score at least a net bogie. Once a player has taken a number of strokes equal to their net double bogie, they are to pick up their ball and resume play on the next hole with their foursome. This will help maintain speed of play without any negative impact on a player's score.

    Other situations where a player would score zero points on a hole include failing to finish the hole by losing the ball, failing putt out on a hole, or hitting out of bounds and not properly replaying.

  7. Exceptions to the rules:

    : Lost Balls, out of bounds (white stakes): If a shot is suspected of having been played out of bounds, then, as normal, a provisional ball will be played from the original location. If it is only determined later that a ball is out of bounds, then it is to be played as a Lateral Hazard. The Point of Entry into the "Out of Bounds/Lateral Hazard" is to be determined and a ball is to be dropped at that point with a one stroke penalty. A player need not be penalized both stroke and distance as would be normal. This is also to keep the speed of play moving.

    : Ground under repair: any ball landing on a fairway in a divot mark can be lifted and placed next to the divot mark without penalty. The ball may not be cleaned.

  8. Foursomes will be arranged by the tournament committee. Competitors will be grouped into flights based on handicaps and foursomes will be set up with players of comparable abilities.