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Zaporizhzhya Golf Federation


Zaporizhzhya Golf Federation was founded in December 2004. The idea occurred to Eugene Titorchuk who seems to be the first golf enthusiast in Zaporizhzhya region. Now he is the President of Zaporizhzhya Golf Federation and with a group of like-minded persons tries his best to awake interest it this sport among Ukrainians. It is not an easy task because people of Ukraine are still pressed with ex-USSR stereotype that this sport is only for millionaires. Having never tried golf some people unfortunately consider it to be not worth their attention. Besides indifference of the authorities absence of golf course in the country is also a disadvantage. Nevertheless golfers of Zaporizhzhya have gained certain success.

They started with mini-golf. According to the standards mini-golf courses were manufactured. Clubs, balls, accessories were bought from abroad. In December 2005 the first Christmas mini-golf tournament took place. It gathered around 40 people who were interested in trying what mini-golf is. It should be said that from that time the majority of them plays regularly and takes part in Zaporizhzhya Regional Mini-Golf Championship 2006.

Federation takes part in various exhibitions, invites businessmen of the city to carry out office-golf and mini-golf tournaments for the employees. Federation introduces golf to children by “starting” golf lessons at Zaporizhzhya schools. After those lessons a lot of children call and tell that they would like to take more golf lessons and study playing seriously. That is why Federation is planning to found “Golf Academy” for children. But again that is all based only on enthusiasm.

Mini-golf is good but what is about “real” golf? Having no golf course inventive Zaporizhzhya golfers play meadow golf. Just beyond the city border they mow the grass on the picturesque meadow that is now used as a driving range. There are also three holes on it – par three, par four and par five. People regularly train there and have friendly competitions.

Zaporizhzhya Golf Federation has friendly relations with golfers of other Ukrainian cities – Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Lugansk and the Crimea.

Zaporizhzhya Golf Federation is constantly trying to attract attention of the city and regional authorities to its activity but frankly speaking that is not an easy thing to do despite regular appearance of articles on golf events in the city papers and on local television. Zaporizhzhya golf news and plenty of useful information can be found at the site of Federation

As Zaporizhzhya golfers are only starting their way they would be happy to set up friendly contact with the golfers abroad and with Ukrainian golfers around the world. It would be great to share experience and get advice. If someone is interested in development of golf in Ukraine we would be glad to cooperate. You can always contact us at, ICQ 167050563, skype name titorchuk.

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