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Saturday, 25 May, Season Opening Tournament
Glen Eagle Golf Club, Bolton, Ontario
Blue & yellow nines, White tees, 6048 yards, 122 slope rating

It was very cold which resulted in a long frost delay. Despite the weather, most of the players endured the climate for the full 18 holes and finished their rounds. No problem keeping drinks, or anything else, cold.

Net Stableford category,
Winner: Myron Kopystansky, 18 Hdcp, gross score of 87 for 39 points
Runner-up: Roman Babej, 25 Hdcp, gross score of 97 for 37 points.

Gross Stableford category,
Winner: Charlie Henderson, 8 Hdcp, gross score of 81 for 27 points
Runner-up: Terry Nedoszytko, 7 Hdcp, gross score of 82 for 26 points

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Saturday, 22 June, Mid-season Event
Royal Woodbine Golf Club, Toronto, Ontario
White tees, 5941 yards, 133 slope rating.
(We added a new feature, for those who think distance is not an issue, the "7000 yard 3-point bonus": Next time we'll try it on a longer course. Gold tees, 6447 yards, 139 slope rating).

Net Stableford category,
Winner: Bohdan Kushnir, 12 Hdcp, gross score of 80 for 39 points,
Runner-up: Alex Komarnycky, 16 Hdcp, gross score of 85 for 38 points

Gross Stableford category,
Winner: Terry Nedoszytko, 7 Hdcp, gross score of 81 for 27 points (including 3 bonus points)
Runner-up: Dan Ostapiak, 10 Hdcp, gross score of 85 for 26 points (including 3 bonus points)

For a look at some tournament photos, click here.

Monday, 22 July, Ukrainian Care Centre Tournament
(scramble with provision for UGAC Stableford scoring option),
Glen Eagle Golf Club, Bolton, Ontario
Due to the unwelcome preponderance of thunder showers, funnel clouds, and potential sink holes in the fairways, the event was rescheduled to Thursday, 26 September.Since this would now follow the UGAC Season Finale, no scores could be posted toward the individual championship from this event as intended.


Saturday, 21 September, Season Finale Championship Tournament
Carlisle Golf & Country Club, Carlisle, Ontario
Blue tees, 6368 yards, 131 slope rating.
Turned out to be a really nice day. Our first big sit-down dinner of the season accompanied by the unveiling and presentation of the Championship trophy. It should be acknowledged that all the individual event Winner and Runner-up trophies for each season's tournament were generously donated by Bill Boyko. I'm sure he was expecting to win more of them himself, thus justifying the expense.

Net Stableford category,
Winner: Michael Kondracki, 19 Hdcp, gross score of 87 for 45 points!
Runner-up: Roman Kocur, 25 Hdcp, gross score of 92 for 43 points.

Gross Stableford category,
For those of you who've also noticed the trend, the Winner of the day's play was, and has consistently been Terry Nedoszytko coming through with outstanding play and achieving a final round gross score of 76 for 33 points! Is there anybody out there willing to give him a challenge next year? Or, at least, find a way to hide his clubs? His name takes a lot of room on the trophy. See Gross Stableford Champion 2001, and 2002.
Runner-up: Bill Boyko, 10 Hdcp, gross score of 79 for 29 points. Note that on the 369 yard 17th hole (bit of a dogleg) he overshot the green with his drive by 15 feet. Yes, all carry, over water, no roll. We all had the same lunch, didn't we?

For a look at some tournament photos, click here.

Champion Golfers for 2002
Champions in each of Net and Gross Stableford categories are determined by the high total of scores from a minimum of 2 tournaments. Two scores are necessary to qualify for the individual championship of which one score must be posted at the Season Finale tournament. A player may compete in any or all events, as desired, with the best score from the first 3 events being totaled with the Finale score.

Champion Net Stableford category,
Roman Kocur, 25 Hdcp, score total of 32 + 43 = 75 points

Champion Gross Stableford category,
Terry Nedoszytko, 7 Hdcp, score total of 27 + 33 = 60 points

The scores of Runners-up and other all competitors can be found by clicking the following links:
2002 Season Tournament Results & Final Standings.