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The Ukrainian Golf Association of Canada (UGAC) is an organization new to Canada, established in 2001. It is based on the model of longstanding Ukrainian golf associations in Australia and the United States, both in existence since the late 1980's, and the more recently established Ukrainian golf association in Great Britain, and the Ukrainian golf team in Germany. UGAC finds itself in good company.

The UGAC has member relationships established in Toronto, Winnipeg and Montreal and is looking to offer golfing opportunities to Ukrainians from across Canada.

The purpose of the UGAC is to provide both competitive and social golfing opportunities to the broad Ukrainian community in Canada, while fostering networking and camaraderie. As it grows, UGAC will take a proactive role to develop and support broader accessibility to golf within the Ukrainian Canadian community.

The Association organizes competitive tournaments for its membership, culminating in an annual Canadian individual championship. As well, UGAC organizes Canadian participation in international golfing events with Ukrainian golf associations across the world.

As a component part of the Canadian tournaments, UGAC includes play for golfers who prefer to participate in a more social, rather than purely competitive golfing event, while still gaining the unique competitive tournament experience.

Golfer participation takes three basic forms in the UGAC tournaments. There are the competitive golfers, who seek the head-to-head opportunity for competition and the uniqueness it holds. Secondly, there are golfers who are less focussed on winning, with more of a more social interest, yet still want to see their play comparatively to others. The third group, and no less a part of the events, are those golfers who are more interested in the golf rather than the competition itself, but who will still seek to be a part of the overall experience. Individual handicaps give all participants an equal footing.

For results from our past tournaments and a listing of future events, look in the Tournaments section.

The UGAC utilizes a handicap-based modified Stableford scoring in our competitions; the points system permits all players to be "competitive" and is similarly used at international competitions.

Membership is open to Canadians of Ukrainian ancestry, those who have Ukrainian familial relations, and those who through their association with Ukrainians, may be appointed as "honourary Ukrainians". The UGAC fosters opportunities for both men and women golfers. To become a member, complete and forward the Registration Form which may be obtained from our Membership section of this site.


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