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Ukraine 2019


Ukrainian World Golf Challenge 10 was held in

Kyiv, Ukraine
26 May - 2 June 2019

Ukrainian World Golf Challenge 10
Ukraine 2019

Fellow Golfers:
On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the next Ukrainian World Golf Challenge 10 was held in Kyiv, Ukraine in late May 2019, it is my pleasure to forward the following link to our fellow Canadian golfers and friends.

All details outlining program and Registration are contained in the web link. There were 3 component parts of the tournament structure: the main Challenge week in Kyiv (26 May – 2 June), the Pre-Golf days in Kharkiv (22 May – 26 May), and the Post-tournament week at Edem Resort and Lviv (2 June – 7 June). Of course, the Challenge week in Kyiv was the focus of our event and the Pre- and Post- components were optional enhancements depending on your desires.

After travelling the world for previous Challenges in Scotland, Prague, China, Berlin, Vancouver, Australia, Hawaii, Spain, and Florida, this marks a milestone in the history of the golf Challenges as the first time it was hosted in the country of our ancestry – Ukraine. While this event, as all that preceded, was about the Challenge tournament golf, it was also about the camaraderie and friendships developed.

We expected a high level of interest from those wishing to participate. As with previous UWGC events, for those coming from Canada, priority was given to those who were active members and supporters of the Ukrainian Golf Association of Canada (UGAC). Active participation opportunities continue with our 2018 Season Finale tournament at Osprey Valley’s Toot Course on the morning of Saturday 22 September and follow with participation in our 2019 tournaments.

May our walk together have been enjoyable, entertaining, and memorable.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you of two ways that you can stay informed on all things UGAC:
First, our website, where you can get membership and tournament details, see past results and participant photos, as well as find a link to UWGC10.
Second, UGAC has a Facebook Group where tournament updates and photos are posted and where UGAC members can interact. Just go to the Groups section of Facebook and search for “Ukrainian Golf Association of Canada” and then click on Join Group.

Warm regards, and hit them well,
Bohdan Kushnir, President UGAC